The Fantasy, Then the Fashion

The New York Times,December 2013
By Ruth La Ferla
Tim Walker is a listener, taking in conversational cues and stray bits of wisdom with a mind that whirs incessantly, much like the camera he carries wherever he goes...

Interview with Tim Walker

The White Review,November 2012
By Karl Smith
‘I’m not so motivated by fashion and brands,’ explains Tim Walker. Given that Walker’s work is most frequently found between the glossy covers of high-end fashion magazines this statement makes for an interesting juxtaposition...

The Wonderful World of Tim Walker

The Herald, Scotland,October 2012
By Teddy Jamieson
Memories of childhood summers fade like a bruise. The mark lingers down the years, a fuzzy, yellowing vision rendered in Instagram sepia. Sunlight warming closed eyelids...

Tim Walker's Thrilling Fashion Photographs
Go on Show

The Telegraph,September 2012
By Penny Martin
With its fairytale sets and arresting images, Tim Walker's fashion photography is instantly recognisable. A new exhibition and book are set to celebrate his recent work...

Tim Walker: Stars and Models

Knokke-Heist International Fotofestival,September 2010
By Esther Rosser
The very best models are, for Tim Walker, ‘silent-movie actresses’. The model is the star of the fashion 
photograph and it is around her that the narrative succeeds or fails...

Film Studies

British Vogue,September 2010
By Charlotte Sinclair
The plot of fashion photographer Tim Walker’s first short film comes as little surprise to those familiar with his dreamy, nostalgic pictures. The Lost Explorer is based on...

The Lost Explorer: Tim Walker's Flight of Fancy

The Telegraph,August 2010
By Marion Hume
​My lemon-curd-and-honey vision just got darker,' Tim Walker, the fashion-photographer-turned-filmmaker says of his first short film, The Lost Explorer...

Walker's World

British Vogue,June 2008
By Charlotte Sinclair
​Fashion photographer Tim Walker doesn’t seem to belong to the world of you or me. He’s a Peter Pan, a daydreamer, a fantasist. His pictures are mirages, telling stories conjured directly...

Pictures from Wonderland

I Love Pictures,July 2007
By Veit Gorner
​At the beginning of the nineteen-eighties, there was a discussion among social psychologists, sociologists, and media theoreticians concerning the phenomenon and effects of the...

The Prospect for Arcadia:
Tim Walker’s Never-Ending Summer

I Love Pictures,March 2007
By Robin Muir
Tim’s precursors are also non-photographic. His episodic narrative fashion stories and use of bold color looks back to the wartime films of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and their romantic artists of the early 1940’s...
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